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An Introduction...

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Do you enjoy reading and discussing deep theological truths? This blog might just be up your alley. This blog is dedicated to giving the TBC body an ongoing list of elder reading recommendations. Check back periodically for new books!

The lending library at church is a great resource we hope that you will use and enjoy. It has several of the books that will be featured on this blog. If a book is recommended here, but isn't currently in the library, it might be checked out by someone already. We will provide links at the bottom of each post so that you might be able to purchase a copy for yourself if you'd like.

While this blog won't be going into great details about each book, it will provide a "jumping off point" for you. These are great books to read and discuss with friends.

So what are you waiting on?

Grab a book and get to reading!


1st book recommendation:

The Wonderful Works of God by Herman Bavinck

This single volume systematic theology is adapted from the four volume version originally published 110 years ago. This work has "had a deep and lasting impact on the growth and development of Reformed theology".

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